Project ID Title Authors Links
270 Factors of Adherence to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Kelvin Truong, Carla Blieden Abstract Poster
272 An Overview on the Influences of Sleep towards Cardiometabolic Disease States Nikan Rassooli, Cynthia Lieu Abstract Poster
274 Implementation and assessment of a buprenorphine protocol for opioid use disorder in the emergency department Christina Lee, Ta Kang Wang, Stephen Lee , Erin Knox Abstract Poster
278 Assessing Mental Health and Utilization of Wellness Initiatives by Students at USC School of Pharmacy Sandy Thai, Yin Thu, Phong Tran, Maryann Wu Abstract Poster
279 Return on Investment in Workplace Wellness Programs-A Literature Review Cayla Tokunaga, Kainat Hasan , Keri Ann Nagaishi , Eunice Adinata , Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
280 Assessing Pharmacy Students' and Residents' Attitudes and Knowledge on the Therapeutic Use and Safety of Turmeric, Echinacea, and Black Seed Supplementation Jasmine Albakri, Aarohi Desai, Ayah Bany-Mohammed, Ashley Hadweh, Pam Tarlow , Swathi Varanasi, PharmD Abstract Poster
281 Over The Counter Pain Relief Medication Use In Elite Athletes Michael Kessler, Todd Schroeder Abstract Poster
282 A Retrospective Study Assessing Patients’ Knowledge of their Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Practices and its Correspondence to Patient Demographics Jeannette Leanos, Emily Diaz, Cecilia Wu Abstract Poster
283 Impact of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing vs Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Infections on Functional Decline of Patients Amanda Chron, Annie Wong-Beringer Abstract Poster
285 Appropriateness of Outpatient U-500 Insulin Initiation and Conversion in a Large Academic Medical Center Briana Chau, Jennifer Chen, Tran Nguyen, Carla Blieden , Rory Kim , Jeffrey Chen Abstract Poster
286 Description of patient characteristics, travel destinations, and interventions in a pharmacist-run travel clinic Diane Nguyen, Cathy Tran, Kha Huynh, Carrie Chan, Richard Dang Abstract Poster
287 The Use of Video to Teach the Mental Status Exam in the Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum Blanca Guzman, Claire Pamintuan, Mera Zakhary, Lisa Goldstone Abstract Poster
288 A Review of the Application of Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials for FDA-Approved Oncology Drugs Jessica Pham, Eunjoo Huisung Pacifici Abstract Poster
289 Ligand-Specific Pharmacodynamic Effects of Nonsynonymous Mutations Noam Morningstar-Kywi, Scott Mosley , Ian Haworth Abstract Poster
290 The Impact of Pharmacist Intern Education on Physician Prescribing Habits of Fluoroquinolones in the Inpatient Setting at Olympia Medical Center Jeremy Dow, Sara Popko, Jordan Yingling Abstract Poster
291 The “Love” Hormone: The Use of Compounded Oxytocin (OT) Troches in the Management of Acute and Chronic Pain Krystal McCarty, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
292 Implementation of Brown Bag Events in a Student Run Clinic Helen Wong, Trevor Lee, Angeli Nazareth, Brittany Tang, Rory Kim Abstract Poster
293 Isavuconazole or Voriconazole for Fungal Infection Prophylaxis in Lung Transplant Recipients- A Retrospective Cohort Analysis Dennis Bourkov, Claire Yang, Kevin Forrester Abstract Poster
294 Evaluation of the Impact of OPCS Intervention on Patient Diabetes Medication Adherence at Kaiser Permanente Kelley Hwang, Marissa Chan, Danielle Dang Abstract Poster
295 A Literature Review on the Effect of Complementary Alternative Medicine in Reducing Opioid Usage in Chronic Pain Management Jimmy To, Cindy Tran, Christine Zhang, Manjot Bains, James Adams Abstract Poster
296 The Impact of an Intern-Driven Meds-to-Beds and Transition of Care Program on 30-day Readmission Rates and Related Patient Outcomes Kristine Adzhemyan, Mary Ovakyan, Arman Manukyan, Steven Chen , Lusineh Keshishian Abstract Poster
297 Effectiveness of Insulin U-500 in Patients with Severe Insulin Resistance Florence Wu, Brandon Sung, Vinh Truong, Gregory Junior Vera Cruz, Rory Kim Abstract Poster
298 In-Vitro Study of Panax Notoginseng in Metabolic Syndrome Martine Culty Abstract Poster
299 Chemistry and Pharmacology of California Lycium Plants Gerson Navarrete, James Adams Abstract Poster
300 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Use Associated with an Increase in Number and Severity of Adverse Reactions Ivy Bien, Benson Kuo Abstract Poster
301 Utility of Hypercoagulable Work-Up in Predicting Post-Operative Complications in Left Ventricular Assisted Device (LVAD) Implant Patients Yen Luu, Katrina Ordonez, Lee Lam Abstract Poster
302 Efficacy of Pharmacy-based Medication Reconciliations at Olympia Medical Center: A Retrospective Cohort Study Tony Vo, Ai Lun Wu, Jamie Lee Abstract Poster
303 Impact of a Cultural Competence Curriculum on Pharmacy Student Empathy Whitney Fakolade, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
304 A Gap Analysis of Medications-Related Problems to Identify Opportunities for Advanced Practice Pharmacist in Quality and Safety Improvement Danquynh Bui, Tracy Osaji, Eunsung Choi, Anh Vo, Steven Chen Abstract Poster
305 The mitochondrial transcription machinery genes are upregulated in acute myeloid leukemia and associated with poor clinical outcome Nicole Fahmy, Sharon Wu, Houda Alachkar Abstract Poster
306 A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Social & Clinical Outcomes among Patients with Perinatally-, Transfusion-, and Behaviorally-acquired HIV Carla Blieden Abstract Poster
307 Mavyret and its Differences Between Pharmacy Benefit Manager Formularies Royal Siu, Geoff Joyce Abstract Poster
308 Impact of Pharmacist-Provided Adult Vaccinations in the United States: A Primer for Pharmacists and State Policy Makers Answering Most Frequently Asked Questions Christopher Limbo, Yurim Seo, Eric Nguyen, Jonathon Lam, Richard Dang , Jeff McCombs Abstract Poster
309 A Case Series of Iatrogenic Delirium on Symptom-Triggered Alcohol Withdrawal Protocol Alyssa Barriga, Erin Knox Abstract Poster
310 Biomarker-Driven Clinical Trials to Determine the Efficacy of Hsp90 Inhibitors in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Patients Seung Hwan Suh, Sang Bok Lee, Hanjun Lee, Irene Chung, Kian Kani Abstract Poster
312 The Correlation Between the Mediterranean Diet its Impact on Depression: a literature review Danielle Ngo, Suong Le, Cynthia Lieu Abstract Poster
313 Separating Fact from Fiction: A Case Series Describing Medication Adherence Discrepancies in a Multidisciplinary Diabetes Clinic Nancy Tran, Eric Zhao, Rory Kim Abstract Poster
314 Facilitative Teaching of Medicinal Chemistry in the PharmD Curriculum Ani Avoundjian, Christina Voskanian, Ian Haworth , Rebecca Romero Abstract Poster
317 Evaluating the Quality and Effectiveness of a Community Hospital’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Program – University of Southern California - Verdugo Hills Hospital Helena Mahsaradjian, Tara Abdul Ahad, Lilit Shahbazian, Linda Khatchatourian Abstract Poster
319 Impact of Pharmacist-led Ambulatory Care Intervention on Patient Adherence to Statin Therapy Tesia Nguyen, Lilliana Ngo, Diane La, Daisy Kyu, Angel Tabancay , Danielle Cortez Abstract Poster
320 Targeting Medication Waste: Assessment of Economic Impact in Two Inpatient Institutions in Southern California Steven Chen , Bernard Lau , Terence Lok Abstract Poster
321 Multiple Beneficial Effects of Ghrelin Agonist, HM01 on Homeostasis Alterations in 6-Hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson’s Disease in Male Rats Lilit Gabrielyan, Lixin Wang Abstract Poster
322 The Utility of Caffeine Citrate in ECT Procedures Karolina Kapustova, John Peters, Erin Knox Abstract Poster
323 Prevalence of High-Risk Medications Among Elderly Patients in a Federally Qualified Nonprofit Community Health Center in Downtown Los Angeles Vicki Tea, Kristen Liang, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
324 The Effect of Resveratrol on Metabolic and Endocrine Characteristics of Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Marineh Malek, Michelle Chu , Bangyan Stiles Abstract Poster
325 Outpatient clinical pharmacy interventions to improve medication adherence in dyslipidemia management Tiffany Dang, Amanda Nguyen, Andy Phan, Joy Kim, Michael Wu Abstract Poster
326 Potential Opportunities to Further Utilize Community Pharmacies In Improving Management of Clinical and Resource Utilization for Diabetic Patients Matthew Lien , Grant Lawless Abstract Poster
327 Does attendance affect the academic performance of pharmacy students at the University of Southern California? Michael Chitgian, Ellen Azizian, Araz Nazarian, Angel Tabancay Abstract Poster
328 Evaluation of Outpatient Pharmacy Clinical Services on Improving Hypertension Medication Adherence in Patients at Kaiser Permanente Brandon DeCastro, Charles Dela Roca, Connor Davey, Shawn Lu, Kimi Hiranaka Pontoppidan , Nogie Demirjian Abstract Poster
329 Clinicians’ Perceptions of Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics and the Potential Role of Pharmacists in Impacting Utilization in Los Angeles County Kimberly Nguyen, Adam Hatamoff, Rochenelle Baquir, Li-Yu Ku, Susie Park Abstract Poster
330 Effect of macronutrient composition and calorie intake on general biomarkers Michael Karapetian, Andranik Agadjanyan, Rafik Nazarpoor, Raffi Svadjian , stephanie nguyen-vuong , Margaret Adamczyk Abstract Poster
331 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Patient Care Calls versus Automatic Refill on Maintenance Medication Adherence Rates Annaliza Dominguez, Karen Tran, Kenneth Gov, Jery Yu, Howard Yeh Abstract Poster
332 Pravastatin and Alkali Therapy in Patients with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Timothy Yoon, Nora Garabedian, Leena Aram, Nuria Pastor-Soler Abstract Poster
333 Exploring the Link Between Fibrocystic Breast Disease and Breast Cancer: A Literature Review Michayla Banning, Kevin Yen, James Yen Abstract Poster
334 Memory Transfer and its implication on PTSD Andrew Duong, Kody Nguyen, Kaycey Pearce, Nancy Nguyen, David Glanzman Abstract Poster
335 A comparison between established psychiatric pharmacy curriculum and topics popularly covered in current practice Grace Liu , Patrick Huynh, Linh Pham, Glen Stimmel , David Dadiomov Abstract Poster
336 Impact of a Medication Synchronization Program for Transplant Polypharmacy Patients Elizabeth Gonzalez, Erika Generoso, Danielle Mar, Nicki Pashmforoush, Jay Parikh Abstract Poster
337 Impact of ReadyFill on Preventing Gaps in Therapy for Clopidogrel Tony Thai, Matthew Lien Abstract Poster
338 Analysis of Trends in Data Integrity Compliance of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in China and India (2015 - 2019) Gina Lee, Benson Kuo Abstract Poster
339 Impact of Intermittent Fasting on Human Metabolic Health and its Sustainability Ariana Mohayaee, Neelofar Najib, Tiffany Matian, Sheila Solymani , Wendy Nga Lau Abstract Poster
340 Cost Analysis on Wasted 340B Medications in the OR DuyAnh Nguyen, Vincent McIntosh, Keenan Hancock, Michelle Godinez Abstract Poster
341 Psychedelic Therapy in the Treatment of Depression Ava Bamdad, Nicki Pashmforoush, Glen Stimmel , David Dadiomov Abstract Poster
342 Antibiotic Selection for Aspiration Pneumonia Following Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Caitlin Kawata, Christina Dang, John Dawod, Kenneth Eto Abstract Poster
343 Current Trends in Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) Risk Factors with Screening for Dyslipidemia Angelyne Chu, Christine Cao, Julie Kwon, Kevin Park, Richard Dang Abstract Poster
344 The impact of providing osteoporosis patient education to women ages 25-50 through interactive learning Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
345 Impact of Gastrointestinal Adverse Effects of NSAID on Adherence of Bisphosphonates: A Literature Review Cindy Dang, Dong June Lee, Min Kyoung Kim, William Chau , Pauline Chan Abstract Poster
346 Gastrointestinal Microbiota in Modulating Cancer Therapy Tuan Dang, Theo Nguyen, Shenlei Zhang, Qingbai Xu, Cynthia Lieu Abstract Poster
347 How can the LACE score be utilized to determine high-risk/super utilizers while implementing hotspotting and reducing healthcare cost? Andrew Kim, Seo Won (Ashley) Han, Christina Vu, Michelle Chu , Roxanna Perez Abstract Poster
348 Diabetes Management in the Pacific Islander Population Anthony Sablan, Matthew Yoshimura, Bryan Matsukawa, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
349 Time-to-Achieve Vancomycin Therapeutic AUC Target on Staphylococcus aureus Infection Outcomes Emma Zakaryan, Emi Minejima Abstract Poster
350 A Relationship between Social Media Behavior, Stress and the Mental Health of Graduate Students in a Professional Degree Program. Austin Stills, Rojena Riad, Lisa Goldstone Abstract Poster
351 A Review of the Safety and Efficacy of NSAIDs Post Cardiac Surgery Emily Young, Sijin Michael Yan, Ming-Lu Huang Abstract Poster
352 Role of Probiotics in UTI Prophylaxis in Women Raenelle Navarro, Curtis Okamoto Abstract Poster
354 Evaluating Pharmacy Discharge Services in a Community Hospital Pooja Kumar, Sandra Dwabe, Diane Nguyen, Russell Waki , Russell Waki Abstract Poster
355 Analysis of Pharmacist Prescribed Hormonal Contraceptive Services in Los Angeles County Community Pharmacies Sabrina Sewell, Kenneth Wong , Ken Wong Abstract Poster
356 Learn together, work together: A qualitative analysis of interprofessional learning during experiential PharmD education Dalia Ameripour, Megan Matthews, Rory Kim , Edith Mirzaian , Ying Wang Abstract Poster
357 Relationship between Marijuana Use and Anxiety among College Students Rihui Ma, Viktoriya Titova, Alisa Nguyen , Iris Zhang, Prawit Thainiyom Abstract Poster
358 Evaluation of the effectiveness of supplemental instruction for pharmacy education using peer mentors and pre-recorded lectures in a calculations course Marvin Alkatib, Preeti Bhuva, Ian Haworth Abstract Poster
360 The Role of Gut Microbiota in Heart Failure: A Literature Review Ryan Yeghoian, Cynthia Lieu Abstract Poster
363 Potential Chemical Causes of Essential Tremor: A Case Report and Literature Review Mariam Bolos, Alenoush Aramian Abstract Poster
364 Dementia Diagnostics Jaskamal Gill, Pouria Amraji, Vassilios Papadopoulos Abstract Poster
365 Folic acid versus folate derivatives supplementation on congenital hydrocephalus Mona Karim, Cynthia Lieu , Rory Kim Abstract Poster
366 The Impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Landscape: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Data Michael Seung, Eunjoo Huisung Pacifici Abstract Poster
367 The Relationship Among Pharmacists, Community Engagement Groups, and Law Enforcement in Combating the Opioid Epidemic Brooke Pigneri, Lesley Chan, Allison Flores, Tiffany Doan, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
368 Impact of Fluoroquinolones on the Aquatic Environment Karen Chan, Ian Haworth Abstract Poster
369 Value of Pharmacy Personnel Intervention in Medication Reconciliation Across Transitions of Care Edwin Bermudez Barron, William Kim, Andrew Kim, Victor Sevilla, Yichun Lin Abstract Poster
370 Dry Eyes and the Aging Female Population’s Determination To Address Its Symptoms Szu-Wei (Sabrina) Su, Nghiep (Billy) Lam, Jeffrey Brown , Martine Culty Abstract Poster
371 Assessing Social Media Discussions on Endari in the Sickle Cell Disease Community Alan Thang, Ryan Chen, Charles Stark Abstract Poster
373 Computational Model Integrated Topical Ophthalmic Biopharmaceutics Xavier Faraj, Ian Haworth Abstract Poster
374 Treatment of Airway Hyperreactivity in Patients with CF Kyndol Craver, Paul Beringer , Mary Lester , Adupa Rao Abstract Poster
375 Impact of Pharmacist-Led Transitions of Care Services on the Pediatric Population Nadia Masroor, Kristin Keeno, Cherie Morimoto, Christina Stavropoulos, Lydia Noh Abstract Poster
376 Mediterranean Diet vs Western Diet Affects on Academic Performance Nune Husikyan, Tenia Mirzaian, Minelie Asadorian Masihi, Melania Mikhaeilyan, Angel Tabancay Abstract Poster
377 Assessment of interprofessional education (IPE) experiences at USC School of Pharmacy Ala Babakhanians, Milena Balazy, Anna Sarkissian, Grace Cheng , Angel Tabancay Abstract Poster
378 Does class attendance affect school performance at the USC School of Pharmacy? Andy Danayan, Hagop Galoian, Norbek Gharibian, Angel Tabancay Abstract Poster
380 A Literature Review: Evaluating the Safety of Medicinal Cannabis Use in Elderly Patients Tony Nguyen, Winnie Lao, Kate Vang, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
381 The Impact of Covid-19 Related Workplace Stressors on Pharmacy Personnel Vivian Liu, Ginnie Wong, Min Ha Kim, Hye Hyun An, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
382 The impact of Instagram in adult-onset ADHD and how it affects class engagement among USC Pharm.D. students Kevin Tran, Jonathan Silignavong, Kenny Huynh, Calvin Appeng, Maryann Wu , Julie Dopheide Abstract Poster
383 Retrospective utilization analysis of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate(Kcentra) at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center Cristina Albarran, Andrew Warnock Abstract Poster
384 Impact of Pharmacy-Student-Led Medicare Part D Enrollment Programs on Financial Benefits among Older Adults Eugene Generoso, Valerie Wang, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
385 Community pharmacy preparedness to furnish naloxone Melina Nishida, Ariana Abo, Margarita Buchinskaya, Hannah Hwang, David Dadiomov Abstract Poster
386 The Influence of Mental Health Education in Justice-Involved Youth: A Literature Review Hiral Patel, Samara White, Tina Vuong, Tiffanie Lin, David Dadiomov Abstract Poster
387 The Effects of Temperature on Influenza - A Literature Review Anthony Ayoub, Nana Yeboah, Anthony Dam Abstract Poster
388 The Impact of Pharmacist Managed Diabetes Program on A1C Reduction and Disease State Control Nareh Kazariane, Sharis Ghazeri, Diana Abaryan, Taron Ayrapetyan, Dian Arouchanova , William Lu , Richard Dang Abstract Poster
389 Assessing Drug Misuse and Non-Misuse Among Pharmacy Students Before and During Pharmacy School Ashley Aguilar, Diana Garnica, Doreen Nilo, Lisa Goldstone Abstract Poster
391 Evaluation of nocturnal blood pressure phenotype and acute coronary syndrome types Kelly Fong, Ruth Xu, Lucy Chen, Michelle Choi, Scott Mosley Abstract Poster
392 Switching from Biologics to Biosimilars: A Budget Impact Model Hunter Pinson, John Finnefrock, Rabiah Dyes Abstract Poster
393 A Retrospective Study on the Safety Comparisons of Two Different Methotrexate Criteria for Discharge - USC Norris Cancer Center Mia Vang, melica panahipour, aileen pazirandeh, amy wang, Kum Ja Lee Abstract Poster
394 A comparison of training strategies for preparing first-year student pharmacists to provide adequate screenings at student run free health fairs shanon vartanian, Harneet Bhullar, Angel Tabancay Abstract Poster
395 Effects of Dose Rounding Carmustine on Cost Savings and Drug Waste Reduction Jia Ying Huang, Tiffany Pham, Angela Chaili, Katie Mock, Kum Ja Lee Abstract Poster
396 A review of the clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine development and techniques. Joseph Choi, Anh Do, Trang Doan, Kiet Nguyen, Rebecca Romero Abstract Poster
397 In-Human Multiple-Year Evolution of Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae following Repeated Antibiotic Exposure during Chronic Colonization and Infection Michelle Kalu, Annie Wong-Beringer Abstract Poster
398 Assessment of Student Pharmacists' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding Furnishing Birth Control in a Community Setting Donna Heikali, Aisha Vaiyani, Carla Blieden Abstract Poster
400 Prevalence of Smart Drug Use in California Pharmacy Students Ye Ji Lee, Ashley Lee, Jafar Essayli, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
401 Evaluation of the time to the first dose of antibiotic administration in critically ill patients on treatment outcomes Hong-Tam Nguyen, Enya Li, Anna Guan, Emi Minejima Abstract Poster
404 The Impact of COVID-19 on USC School of Pharmacy P2 & P3 Students' Sedentary and Active Lifestyle Anna Pan, Angela Yuu, Patricia Evangelista, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
407 The association of mortality with Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors and Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 Ji Tao, Jasmine Ventenilla, Joyce Wong Abstract Poster
409 Analysis of the Relationship Between Clinical Trial Design and FDA-Approved Novel Oncology Drug Applications (2015-2019) Catherine Tran, Rosemary Nguyen, Vanessa Luu, Amy Lam, Eunjoo Huisung Pacifici Abstract Poster
410 Calling for Backup: Pharmacists Improve Clinical and Economic Outcomes in High Cost, High Need Patients Xin Gu, Joeun Kim, Daniella Veloria, Grace Cheng Abstract Poster
411 High School Students’ Knowledge and Beliefs About E-cigarettes Jessica Jeon, Michelle Lee, Ashley Lee, Katie Mock, Rory Kim Abstract Poster
413 Impact of Marijuana Education on Consumer Outcomes Crystal Tse, Westley Huynh, Michael Cheng, Lisa Goldstone Abstract Poster
414 A Retrospective Analysis of Vancomycin Trough Ordering in Pediatric Patients Jennifer Chan, Ruby Yang, Jennifer Stein, Gina Orbach Abstract Poster
415 Assessing Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Patient Care Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic Kereshmeh Parsi, Tina Dibayi, Evelyn Camacho, Ying Wang Abstract Poster
416 Evaluating Models of Pharmacist-Led HIV PrEP Services: A Literature Review Harout Kelechian, Chao Guan, Tam Phan Abstract Poster
417 Preceptor and Student Perceptions on Student Competency with Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) Prisha Sheth, Joshua Velonza, Abanoub Akhnoukh, Zade Hikmat, Ying Wang Abstract Poster
418 Evaluation of Intravenous versus Oral Antibiotic Step-Down Therapy in Outpatient Bloodstream Infection Treatment Wai Shan Lee, Kristen Park, Mingxu Sui, Emi Minejima Abstract Poster
419 Evaluating for Potential Differences in Comparative Efficacy of Fall and Spring Health Fairs Sarah Choi, Linh Nguyen, Lily Phong, Jamie Tran, Tien Ng Abstract Poster
420 Students' Perceptions on Virtual Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic Karen Le, Teresa Lu, Genesis Ponce, Rory Kim , Rory Kim , Edith Mirzaian Abstract Poster
421 Evaluation of Trends For FDA Emergency Use Authorization COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Testing Brian Nguyen, Richard Dang Abstract Poster
422 Incidence of dupilumab-associated conjunctivitis in patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. So Mee Kwon, Ashley Queja, Baktazh Azizi, Alice Chen Abstract Poster
423 Prevalence of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), Genital Infections, and Fournier's Gangrene in Type 2 Diabetes Patients Taking Empagliflozin Hanson Tam, Stefanie Ung, Angela Liu, Angela Chen Abstract Poster
425 Cost Analysis on Wasted Medications in the Cardiovascular Operating Room (CVOR) Wilson Trinh, Joseph-William Quario, Elsie Casanova, Russell Waki Abstract Poster
426 PPI use and the role of CYP2C19 phenotype status in hospitalization risk for patients with cystic fibrosis Karen Tom, Scott Mosley Abstract Poster
427 Assessment of The Use of Beers List Medications in Geriatric Population of Different Ethnicities Rahaf Younan, Jacky Ghaly, Noor Atto, Jessica Nakhla, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
428 Evaluating the association between physical activity and academic performance in pharmacy students during didactic years Nick Tran, Abigail Jo, Grace Singson, Khanh-Hoang Nguyen, Richard Dang Abstract Poster
429 Pharmacist's Impact on CF Medication Information Knowledge Seda Byurat, Mary Alice Gajo , Jin Kim Abstract Poster
430 Is there a potential job opportunity for pharmacist to be a health consultant on the supplement products at the gym? Chun (Michael) Chen, Ray Cho, Lolito Low, Il Lee, Erin Trish Abstract Poster
431 Title: Receptivity and Responsiveness of Clinicians to Electronic Recommendations for Statin Initiation by MTM Pharmacists Stephanie Hsieh, Jessica Abraham Abstract Poster
432 Assessing the Safety and Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine in the Treatment of COVID-19 Joseph Tuan, Ji Su Lee, Chia Hsiuan Liang, Benjamin Ly Abstract Poster
433 Innovative Therapies for the Treatment of PTSD Tina Shadpour, Ani Rupenian, David Dadiomov Abstract Poster
434 Evaluation of Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medicare patients utilizing mail order pharmacy services and adherence outcomes for Medicare 5-star rating drugs Jamie Yi, Kaydee Soo, Chris Jin, Christine Yee Abstract Poster
435 Pharmacy Emergency Preparedness Brian Lee, Jasper Chang, Carla Blieden Abstract Poster
436 How does Multiple Sclerosis drugs' pricing impact patient access to care? Sharis Aghoorian Namagerdi, Beteil Babileh, Arpineh Zaroukian, Sadaf Pournasr, Ken Wong Abstract Poster
437 Appropriateness of Outpatient U-500 Insulin Initiation and Conversion in a Large Academic Medical Center Briana Chau, Jennifer Chen, Tran Nguyen, Rory Kim Abstract Poster
438 Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Neonatal Hyperglycemia Management Protocol in an Academic Medical Center Ashley Duru, Lisa Perumean Abstract Poster
439 Medication Dispensing Errors after Implementing Barcode Scanning in Hoag Hospital Pharmacy Andrew Salvatori, Kenny Dang, Bhavi Shah Abstract Poster
440 Improving vaccination rates, medication compliance, and optimizing medication regimen for diabetic patients Tatiana Saykali, Bahador Aghakoochek, Rena Charchian Abstract Poster
441 Cost Benefit Analysis of Next-Generation Whole Genome Sequencing in Comparison to Standard Drug Susceptibility Testing of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Across the United States Marvin Nguyen, Ming Yan Lisa Leung, Cynthia Gong Abstract Poster
442 The Impact of COVID-19 on Medication Adherence for Geriatric Patients with Dyslipidemia Mariam Geysimonyan, Olivia Ramirez, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
443 Risk factors and clinical consequences of low vitamin D in Cystic Fibrosis Tina Gholami, Sam Sanati, Paul Beringer Abstract Poster
444 Web and Mobile-Based Applications for Cancer Symptom Management: Do They Improve Symptoms? Avantika Pathak, Eunjoo Huisung Pacifici Abstract Poster
445 Ivermectin/PGP Combination Therapy: The Regulatory Hurdles to develop a Combinatorial strategy. Nanxi Huang, Daryl Davies Abstract Poster
446 Clinical Effectiveness of Late Maxillary Protraction in Cleft Lip and Palate Ronald Deng, Joel Hay Abstract Poster
447 Shared Decision-Making in a Multidisciplinary Geriatric Outpatient Setting Mina Fahmy, Tatyana Gurvich Abstract Poster
451 Pharmacist perceptions of their role as health care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic Irina Peker, Alexa Lang, Ashkan Khalpari, Camila Lis, Mel Baron Abstract Poster
462 Receptivity among current/former college students toward the COVID-19 vaccines Thuy Tien Nguyen, Tingrong Yan, Terry Church Abstract Poster
466 In-Vitro Study of Panax Notoginseng in Metabolic Syndrome Chen Guo, Steve Nam, Nicholas Duran, Esteban Kim, Martine Culty Abstract Poster
467 A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Social & Clinical Outcomes among Patients with Perinatally-, Transfusion-, and Behaviorally-acquired HIV Vanessa Balemagna, D'Nae Lewis, Elizabeth Radchik, Carla Blieden Abstract Poster
468 Targeting Medication Waste: Assessment of Economic Impact in Two Inpatient Institutions in Southern California Chara Aueyong, Jennifer Chau, Steven Chen , Bernard Lau , Terence Lok Abstract Poster
469 The impact of providing osteoporosis patient education to women ages 25-50 through interactive learning Grace Baik, Rocio Jauregui, Michael Hsiao, Jamie de Vera, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
470 Diabetes Management in the Pacific Islander Population Bryan Matsukawa, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
474 Antipsychotic Use in Treating Delirium in Patients on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: A Retrospective Medical Record Review at Keck Medical Center of USC. Charlene Dinh, Scott Vo, Emily Han , Erin Knox Abstract Poster
475 Maximizing COVID-19 vaccine deployment by improving adherence to the two-dose regimen with information dissemination Madison Crutcher, Paul Seidler Abstract Poster
476 Effects of the PharmD Scholarly Project on Scholarship by Faculty and Students Negar Hariri, Mario Avalos Rebollar, Bryan Moser, Luis Vidaurrazaga, Ian Haworth , Rory Kim Abstract Poster
477 Economic and therapeutic benefit evaluation of naloxegol versus alvimopan treatment to prevent postoperative ileus (POI) Catherine Ann Aquino, Roshni Badlani, Michael Kim, Angela Zabala, Daniel Kudryashov Abstract Poster
478 Impact of Health Literacy and Patient Education on Medication Adherence in the Geriatric Population Guangzhao Liu, Karren Balaian, Mariam Lamie, Brian Ma Abstract Poster
479 Assessing Stress and Academic Performance Between Non-Native and Native English Speaking Pharmacy Students Karen Chan, Vanessa Lam, Victoria Nguyen, Michelle Sun, Angel Tabancay Abstract Poster
480 Patient-Reported Health Outcomes of Neurorehabilitation Patients: Impact of Pharmacy-related Variables Kristine Pisikian, Pamela Roberts Abstract Poster
481 Cannabis and alcohol use among Pharmacy students in LA County during the COVID19 pandemic Sintya Hatam Zadeh, Arman Manukyan, Anasik Yedgarian, Emilia Zadoorian, Kari Franson Abstract Poster
482 The effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine in improving health outcomes of COVID-19 patients Mu Qiu, Kexin Han, Ken Wong Abstract Poster
483 Effect of vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc on treatment of COVID-19 infection Lapman Hoi, Zitai Wen, Chia Hsin Wu, Ian Almazan Abstract Poster
484 Development of a Web-Based Therapeutic Evidence Library to Support Pharmacist Recommendations Syed Zaidi, Steven Chen Abstract Poster
485 Use of Smart Drugs for Academic and Professional Enhancement Amongst California PharmD Students Aaron Boyer, Julian Elrayes, Macy Gipson, Jasmine Hedvat, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
486 Mental Health in Healthcare Students: A Comparison between Domestic and International Students Yiding Li, Peiwei Mai, Cory Reano Abstract Poster
487 Alteplase versus Tenecteplase for Acute Ischemic Stroke - A Retrospective Cohort Analysis Danielle Kruse, Elizabeth Lee, Vy Vo, Raymond Lee Abstract Poster
488 Impact of Therapeutic Inertia on Healthcare Outcomes for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Antony Goldenberg, Jacqueline Matian, Rory Kim Abstract Poster
491 Anticoagulant Dosing Strategies and Thrombotic Outcomes in COVID-19 Positive Patients Michelle Diab, Kristica Kolyouthapong , Herman Johannesmeyer Abstract Poster
492 Assessing the Efficacy of USC School of Pharmacy Cultural Competency Workshops in Preparing Students to Work with LGBTQ+ Populations on APPEs Janelle Ruth Francisco, Allison Do, Ryan Leung, Saki Watanabe , Tam Phan Abstract Poster
493 Relationship between Pharmacy Student Burnout and Use of Institution Wellness Resources and Perception of their Academic Ability Darlene Fung, Hai Ha, Nghia (Nick) Luu, Ying Ying Tran, Angel Tabancay Abstract Poster
494 Is Clinical Trial Design a Barrier to Alzheimer’s Disease Pharmacotherapy Development? Tyler Fukunaga, Terry Church Abstract Poster
495 Assessment of college students’ attitudes and knowledge on opioid overdose and naloxone education and evaluating the effectiveness of a new naloxone distribution program at the University of Southern California Rita Chan, Alyssa Psalm Lejarde, David Dadiomov Abstract Poster
496 SGLT-2i and GLP1-RA Adherence and Social Determinants of Health Kimberly Lee, Jennifer Tran, Michelle Um, Shui Li Wong, Rory Kim Abstract Poster
497 RxSAPhE (Repeated Seroprevalence of COVID-19 Antibodies in Pharmacy Employees and Students) Caeley Dye, Dorothy Garlejo, Minyoung Kim, Richard Dang Abstract Poster
498 Evaluation of immigrant generation status and cultural identity on students' perception of and care seeking behaviors for mental illness Jessica Nicole Delacruz, Duan Do, Wenqi Lu, Kat Collins Abstract Poster
499 Challenges of Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategies (REMS): A Survey of Pharmacy Perspectives Richard Lo, Eunjoo Huisung Pacifici Abstract Poster
500 How Diabetes Mellitus May Contribute to Increased Mortality In Hospitalized Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Ryan Babakhani, George Smirnoff, Zorik Tagmizyan, Daniel Tamae Abstract Poster
501 Literature Review: Evaluation of CBD Dosing Nicole Abergel, Connie Lee, Francis Val Palattao, Marcella Vargas, Kari Franson Abstract Poster
502 Impact of Prior Authorization Pharmacy Technicians on Reimbursement of Discharge Medications Amy Chao, Nazeli Bairamian Abstract Poster
503 COVID-19 Hesitancy Related Issue Campaigns Reduce Vaccine Hesitancy Arineh Abram, Anna Zargaryan, Paul Seidler Abstract Poster
504 A Systematic Literature Review of the Cost-Effectiveness of Pharmacist Interventions Kellie Benson, Anib-Israel Julian, Joseph Ortiz, Karen Tseng, Amber Verdell Abstract Poster
506 Chronic alcohol and an effect on LRP1 and MDR1 transporters Jeffrey Ouk, Silvestre Sanchez, Jerome Garcia Abstract Poster
507 The Impact of Online Learning on Academic Performance and Confidence in Pharmacy Student Learning Outcomes Kimmie Hang, Emily Hou, Taylor Kwan, Joana Leung, Maryann Wu Abstract Poster
509 Assessment of the Impact of Video Games on Academic Performance Henry Fu, Jason Au, Johnny Nguyen, Richard Ta, Angel Tabancay Abstract Poster
510 Role of Brain Insulin Resistance in the Development of Alzheimer’s Disease Ohnbit Chae, Francesca Garcia, Lauren Nakata, Enrique Cadenas Abstract Poster
513 Reproductive and Developmental Toxicants in Human Habitat Paola Cardenas, Shoushan Khambekian, Lolita Gabrielyan, Elen Artashyan, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
514 Determining Cause for Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time and Anti-Factor Xa Discordance in Mechanical Circulatory Support Patients on Heparin: Can Thromboelastogram Help? Matthew Francis Garcia, Alexandra Wilde, Justin Yur, Jessica Zhou, Lee Lam Abstract Poster
518 A1c Sustainability in Patients Who Have Achieved A1c Goal Through Pharmacist-Led Interventions Rebecca Chan, Bethany Pan, Anna Xu, Michelle Chu , Brian Ma Abstract Poster
519 Suicidality Risk Factors in an Inpatient Adolescent Psychiatric Unit Elsa Sheikhpour, Filmon Haile, Khadiga Farhat, Susie Park Abstract Poster
520 A Retrospective Description of Neonatal ECMO Patients with CVVH Treatment Experiencing Metabolic Acidosis Alyson Ezaki, Nicholas Huynh, Aleeza Sheikh, Lilly Yen Abstract Poster
523 A Literature Review: Cannabis Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic Kaisar Alhakim, Brandon Tang, Lyle Patrick Ureta, Kari Franson Abstract Poster
524 Effect of Mentorship on Residency Students in a Teaching Certificate Program Daniel Liu, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
525 The Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Screenings: A Literature Review Joseph Gregor, Ryan Johnstonbaugh, Caterina Kachadoorian, Amanda Pan, Beatrisa Bannister Abstract Poster
526 Impact on Diabetes Management during COVID-19 Pandemic Armine Garsevanian, Christine Kureghyan, Lisa Mekhitarian, Michelle Chu Abstract Poster
527 A Systematic Review of Endpoints Used in Clinical Trials of Drugs to Treat Opioid Use Disorder Kaylene Okada, Christine Van, Nancy Pire-Smerkanich Abstract Poster
528 Diets and lifestyle habits effects on academic resilience and stress in pharmacy students Kathy Luu, Nancy Nguyen, Jessica Barbery, Elizabeth Ling, Enrique Cadenas Abstract Poster
533 A Literature Review of the Usage of SGLT2i for Cardiovascular Protection in Older Adults and the Risk of Hypoglycemic Events Amy Huang, Dexin Zuo, Tatyana Gurvich Abstract Poster
534 The Role of Butyrate and Other Microbial Metabolites in Gut-Brain Interaction in Alcohol Use Disorder Vida Andoun, Gayaneh Hakepchakerian, Pegah Mohtashemi, Anaiancy Ramirez, Liana Asatryan Abstract Poster
535 Optimal Tacrolimus IV to PO Dosing in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients: A Literature Review Ashley Bui, Katherine Gyurdzhyan, Nika Kazemi, Nicki Mashayekan, Kim Nguyen Abstract Poster
536 Allometric Scaling of Dihydromyricetin to a Human Dose Shapatur Badhon, Eugeniu Carmanov, George Ibrahim, Daryl Davies Abstract Poster
537 Health Plan Support for Self-Measured Blood Pressure During the COVID-19 Pandemic Joy Ahn, Ashley Bachan, Vivi Nguyen, Steven Chen Abstract Poster
538 Literature Review: Online Education And Its Effects on Mental Health of Students During COVID-19 Pandemic Garo Boyajian, Sarmen Hovsepian, Jemma Sargsyan, Mariam Boyajian, Gautam Savla Abstract Poster
539 A novel problem-based learning experience, mock OSCE, and its impact on students' self-reported efficacy in applying components of the PPCP framework Eleonso Cristobal, Connie Kang Abstract Poster
540 Computational Optimization of LNA-Modified Molecular Beacons Yasi Mojab, Ervin Poorghasamians, Ian Haworth Abstract Poster
541 Social Determinants Affecting Health Outcomes in the Hispanic Population in America: A Review of Literature Franklin Sidik, Jeffrey Valenzuela Serrano, katie johnson Abstract Poster
543 Literature Review: Dosing Strategies, Therapeutic Effect, and Adverse Reactions of Psilocybin Therapy Jeremy Markar-Araghi, Levik Youssefian, Kat Collins Abstract Poster
544 Budget Impact of a Value-Based Contract for Sickle Cell Disease Gene Therapy Among U.S. Payors Ania Nazari, Cynthia Gong Abstract Poster
545 U.S. Payer's Perception On The Value of CAR-T Therapies Renita Moradian, Geoffrey Joyce Abstract Poster
546 Determining the Willingness of USC Pharm.D Candidates to Seek Mental Health Treatment Before and During Pharmacy School Deana Bitar, Joseph Pinto, Clarissa Buranasombati, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
548 A Literature Review of the Prevalence of COVID-19 Cases Among Current or Former Tobacco Users Zoro Gasparyan, Emil Hovhannisyan, Enrique Cadenas Abstract Poster
549 A Retrospective Analysis of Bone Loss in Tenofovir-Emtricitabine Therapy For HIV PrEP Natalie Kanimian, An Huynh, Joseph Chang Abstract Poster
550 Analysis of RNA-seq tools through benchmarking measures Tra Mi Pham, Serghei Mangul Abstract Poster
551 The Impacts of Telehealth on Medication Adherence in the Outpatient Setting Thu (Irene) Ho, Elizabeth Liu, Tai (Zachary) Pham, Maggie Wong Abstract Poster
552 Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Flu Vaccine Output in USC Pharmacies Abena Agyemang, Inderpreet Maan, Shani Park, Alex Shahverdian, Michelle Hormozian Abstract Poster
553 Inhibition of Protein Degradation and Tau Fibril Aggregation in HEK293 Tau Biosensor Cells Yong Yu, Paul Seidler Abstract Poster
554 A study of the Pomodoro technique and academic performance Anna Zhao, Vivian Huynh, Regina Li, Hannah Luong, Cory Reano Abstract Poster
555 Qualifying Conditions of Medical Marijuana Use Roza Airapetian, Alice Haytayan, Kari Franson Abstract Poster
556 Impact of Patient Education at Discharge on 30-day Readmission Rate Danny Be, Gina Kim, Jungwoo Oh, Ji Won Yoon, Florence Jung Abstract Poster
559 Pharmacologic and Non-Pharmacologic Interventions Used as Maintenance for Schizophrenia Ellisha Davis, Ebony King, Julie Dopheide Abstract Poster
560 The Impact of Pharmacist-led Interventions on Continuous Glucose Monitoring Success: A Literature Review Ngoctran Tran, Michelle Chu Abstract Poster
561 Effect of Insulin Pen Technology on Adherence Jing Ya Xu, Ho Yuen, Michelle Chu Abstract Poster
562 Optimizing 340B Drug Qualifications for Contract Pharmacies: Outpatient Prescription Dispensing Patterns at USC Medical Plaza Pharmacy Katelin Hernandez, Evelyn Nazaryan, Leona Torosian, Arlette Movsesyan, Jay Parikh Abstract Poster
563 Assessing the effectiveness of Continuations Glucose Monitoring Systems in Adult Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Crystal Vinuya, Bryant Wong, Abstract Poster
564 Cost-Effective Analysis of Genetic Testing's Impact on Mental Health Alvaro Garnica, Sean Pappa, Scott Mosley Abstract Poster
565 Changes In C-reactive Protein With Elexacaftor/Tezacaftor/Ivacaftor Treatment In Patients With Stable Cystic Fibrosis Paul Beringer , Joshua Wang Abstract Poster
571 Are fotonovelas an effective strategy for improving health literacy among the 6th Grade population regarding their understanding about the Condition of Asthma? Maya Ruiz, Danielle Samano, Nathalie Iribe, Mel Baron Abstract Poster
577 A Qualitative Analysis of Social & Clinical Outcomes among Individuals with Perinatally-, Transfusion-, and Behaviorally-acquired HIV Mary Ohanyan, Nicolette Adran, Carla Blieden , Mariam Davtyan Abstract Poster
582 Evaluating the Strength of Evidence for Antipsychotic Serum Level Monitoring in Three Psychiatric Disorders Christopher Tran, Mari Brown, Julie Huynh, Jacqueline Pham, Nisha Bhavsar Abstract Poster
585 A Retrospective Case Control Study: Opioid overdose rates and buprenorphine distribution to retail pharmacies by zip code in California Kaylee Koh, Gabriela Dutra-Clarke, Ronnelle Copes, David Dadiomov Abstract Poster
586 The Impact of Vaccine Education on Vaccine Hesitancy in Health Professional Students Jay Robert Obciana, Ramsey Wahhab, Matthew James Chong, Daniel Khachik, Michelle Chu Abstract Poster
588 ASCVD Events Based on Occupation in Working Adults Amy Luo, Brendan Bu, Spencer Dang, Patrick Tabon Abstract Poster
589 Azaphilone derivatives' inhibitory activity towards Alzheimer’s tau Yinuo Wang, Chengju Li, Jiaqi Wang, Vanessa Natan Tondo Satrio, Paul Seidler , Clay Wang Abstract Poster
590 Considerations From a Pharmacist’s Perspective in Operating COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Clinics within Los Angeles County Maggie Van, Yen-Nhu Bui, Luzmaria Flores, Joanne Reynoso, Richard Dang Abstract Poster
591 Impact of Discharge Pharmacist on Quality of Care Tiffany Huynh, Yuli Sung Abstract Poster
594 The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ER visit rates of asthmatic children and adolescents during the 2020-2021 time period in the United States- A Literature Review Leila Aboukhalil, Kuldeep Kaur, Gizelle Mendoza, Ammar Mirza, Michelle Chu Abstract Poster
595 Literature Review on Depression in Children and Adolescents: Risk Factors, Consequences and Individualizing Treatment Zahra Arsalan, Jasmine Hana, Julie Dopheide Abstract Poster
596 Pharmacist-facilitated interventions and monitoring on hypoglycemic events in ICU patients on insulin therapy at PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital Gilberto Pena, Kiranjit Rai, Susan Chung Abstract Poster
597 Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Adherence and Social Health Outcomes in Patients Experiencing Homelessness with Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder Jessica Wong, Fiona Goh, Thanhmai Le, David Dadiomov Abstract Poster
598 Willingness Assessment of Personalized Nutritional Genetic Testing Compared to Standard Guidelines at USC School of Pharmacy Yiming Yu, Mengyu Li, Mimi Zheng, Shenghan Cheng, Angel Tabancay Abstract Poster
599 Pharmacokinetic Study Using 18F-FMAU in PET/CT to Detect and Quantify Brain Tumors Colleen Eng, Andrew MacKay Abstract Poster
600 Pharmacokinetic Simulations of Cyclic Peptides with Inclusion of Conformational Variations Mareena Biju, Melissa Martinez, Arghavan Zolfaghari, Ian Haworth , Hovhannes Gukasyan Abstract Poster
601 Evaluation of Current Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis (SUP) Prescribing Practice in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Melinda Misaki, Cameron Rehmani Seraji, Heather Yen, Neepa Rai Abstract Poster
603 Cholesterol Trends at USC Mann School of Pharmacy Health Fairs Johnny Deeb, Gary Karapetyan, Arthur Agajanian, Carla Blieden Abstract Poster
604 Mental Health Challenges Pharmacy Students Faced and the Impact of School Resources Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Christopher Chen, An La, May Tran, Ityng Tsai, Geneva Chen Abstract Poster
605 The Effects of Transitioning from Virtual to In-Person Learning on Mental Health and Academic Performance of Undergraduate and Graduate Students Kristin Andonian, Alessi Frounjian, Kristin Khoudoyan, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
606 Assessing the Accuracy of USC School of Pharmacy Students’ PCP Referrals for Health Fair Participants Shanelle Salazar, Carissa Chen, Janet Du, Anna Wang, Carla Blieden Abstract Poster
607 Evaluating the evolution of drug safety profiles post-FDA approval: a case study on remdesivir Sharon Na, Natalie Buchholz, Kali Pendleton, Kaitlyn Park, Eunjoo Huisung Pacifici Abstract Poster
608 Characterization of eCase Development, Utilization, and Aggregate Exam Item Performance Elaine Peng, Jae Hyeok Yang, Carrie Ear, Rory Kim , Noam Morningstar-Kywi Abstract Poster
609 Does Perioperative Gabapentin Reduce Postoperative Opioid Consumption Justine Montero, Merry Ann Sta Maria, Kellie Kellie Vanderburg Abstract Poster
610 Assessing the Effect of Leadership Involvement on Academic Performance Among Students at the USC Alfred E. Mann School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Nicholas Ngo, Tina Hong, Sohee Park, Cindy Nguyen, Maryann Wu Abstract Poster
611 Serological Surveillance of COVID-19 Antibodies in Lung Transplant Population Gagandeep Malhi, Tiffany Po, Gagandeep Bhullar, Kari Fukumoto, Kevin Forrester Abstract Poster
613 Community Pharmacists’ Opinions about Appropriate Staffing Ratios Ngan Phung Lieu, Jonathan Tran, Elan Filler, Andersen Hosanna, Richard Dang Abstract Poster
614 The impact of work hours on USC pharmacy students’ academic performances Yoo Jin Kim, Sara Lei, Dung Thai, Sol Oh, Hanjun Lee Abstract Poster
615 Outcomes of Patients with FLT3+ AML undergoing HSCT in the Era of FLT3 Inhibitors: A Retrospective Review Samvel Nazaretyan, Amir Ali Abstract Poster
616 Effect of Working During Pharmacy School on Academic Performance and Confidence Kevin Nguyen, Chelsea Lee, Noel Tum, Ying Wang Abstract Poster
619 Alternative Natural Preventive Options in Modification of the Urinary Microbiota in patients with UTI Sona Baghdasaryan, Lousine Babayan, Elen Batoyan, Silvana Constantinescu Abstract Poster
620 Evaluating Cannabis Use Choice and COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Edwin Nahapatian, Christopher Vuong, Vy Tran, Kari Franson Abstract Poster
621 Program Design to Incorporate BH/CVD Disorders into a Pharmacist-led Community Based Program Erica Liao, Charles Teng, Allison Dam, Alan Fou, Christian Escobedo Abstract Poster
623 Determination of Safety of Enoxaparin Treatment in Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) Transplant Patients with 30-day Adverse Event Rate Mignon Gau, Jongbae Jang, Ieeshiah Otarola, Lee Lam Abstract Poster
624 Efforts to Improve Medication Adherence and Patient Wellness in Community Pharmacy Tiffany Jan, Vu Nguyen, Afshan Mobin Abstract Poster
625 Epidemiology and Outcome of MRSA Pneumonia Acquired Outside of the Hospital Zara Minasyan, Noor Atif, Jacqueline Avedisian, Lilit Galstyan, Annie Wong-Beringer Abstract Poster
626 Assessing the Availability of Non-Prescription Needles and Syringes at Community Pharmacies in Los Angeles County Karn Sahota, Sean Durghalli, Jordan Gelacio, Christopher Victory, Dima Qato Abstract Poster
630 MolIntuition: Online Visual Pharmaceutics Education Tool Kevin Cao, Harold Nguyen, Dominic Ngo, Ian Haworth , Noam Morningstar-Kywi Abstract Poster
631 Identification of Hymeglusin in Secondary Metabolites Produced by Scopulariopsis Candida (IMV968) Yijun Cai, Clay Wang Abstract Poster
632 The Influence of CYP3A5 Genotypes on Sirolimus Pharmacokinetics Kathryn Perkins, Jeannine McCune Abstract Poster
633 Assessing the Availability of Pharmacist-Prescribed PrEP in Los Angeles County: A Cross-Sectional Study Elaheh Sareban, Adam Woebken, Nehal Shaikh, Dima Qato Abstract Poster
634 The Impact of Creative Expressions and Community on Stress and Burnout for Pharmacy Students Marissa Estrada, Jerrel Siazon, Benjamin Ho, Tina Doan, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
635 Sirolimus sweat, blood and plasma concentration analysis to inform wearable device sensors Kao Tang Ying Moua, Jeannine McCune Abstract Poster
636 Socioeconomic and Psychosocial Factors Affecting Statin Adherence in Patients Lingyong Lin, Hasmik Minasyan, Christine Jambazian, Sergey Kustov, Autumn Walkerly Abstract Poster
637 Vitamin D Deficiency in USC Mann Students Sahar Wardak, Anh Dang, Suji Moon, Cynthia Lieu Abstract Poster
638 Analysis of Pharmacy Student Clinical Interventions in an Acute Care Internal Medicine Setting Jenae Monasterial, Eric Brimer, Chioma Friday, Megan Culp, Brian Ma Abstract Poster
639 Pharmacy-Led Interventions on Vancomycin Trough Monitoring in Pediatric Patients Princess Nwokeabia, Chad Hayashi, Austen Werab, Gina Orbach Abstract Poster
640 Cost effectiveness of Enoxaparin bridging for LVAD patients in outpatient setting Katrina Hernandez, Jason Lau, Tramtranthuy Ngo, Lee Lam Abstract Poster
641 Appropriate Antibiotic Usage in Discharged Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia Vy Thuy Nguyen, Kai Ching (Christina) Chang, Michelle Nugent Abstract Poster
642 Evaluating Satisfaction with Storage Space in Hospitals with Investigational Drug Services Dubitnara Yoo, Lauren Chin, Vickie Yang Abstract Poster
646 Repurposing Already Marketed Drugs for New Indications by Non-Originators Wenchao Wu, Eunjoo Huisung Pacifici Abstract Poster
647 Real-World Efficacy and Safety of Tixagevimab and Cilgavimab (EVUSHELD) In Patients With Malignancies Emily Nieto, Alan Flores, Alma Juarez, Sunmi Jeon, Amir Ali Abstract Poster
648 Assessing CBD Products in Chain Pharmacies Samer Sultan, Rua Bayati, Suzanne Salameh, Mohamed Saleh, Kari Franson Abstract Poster
652 Regulation of Dietary Supplements and its Impact on the Public Venoos Moshayedi, Elham Mowlavi, Sahar Mohammadi, Vanessa Shaverdan, Terry Church Abstract Poster
653 Autism Spectrum Disorder & Outcome Measures: Comparability of Interventional Drug Trial Results Nathaniel Chard, Nancy Pire-Smerkanich Abstract Poster
656 Students and Faculty Preferences for Active Learning Methods in a Doctor of Pharmacy Program Tanner Safir, Natalie Samaan, Melissa Durham Abstract Poster
657 Does obese leukemics have poorer prognoses as compared to lean counterparts? Rachael Ngu, Stan Louie Abstract Poster
658 Patient Awareness of Pharmacy-Furnished PrEP/PEP in Long Beach Nathan Vo, Amy Nguyen Abstract Poster
659 Pharmacist Run Diabetes Clinic Eliz Hakobyan, Octavio Balbuena Ramirez, Nadia Lee, Abraham Guadarrama, Heno Yousefi Abstract Poster
661 Motivation for Membership: What Factors Influence Professional Organization Membership for Pharmacists and Student Pharmacists Pooja Singh, Simone Augustine, Samin Malek Marzban, Richard Dang Abstract Poster